About Us

May we extend a warm welcome to the Oakwood Dental Practice.

Our practice is a newly built state of the art facility. We aim to ensure a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with our most dedicated and well-trained staff as well as with our newly equipped dental surgeries.

At this practice we listen carefully to your needs and provide you with the finest quality dentistry to your satisfaction.

The Practice has been established for 20 years, is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that we meet all the highest levels of health and safety. We use the latest equipment to help ensure that you get the best treatment available. This includes the use of digital x-rays to help in diagnosis and the use of lasers in tooth whitening. We also stock the highest quality dental materials on the market that gives you the choice that you need. Finally, the laboratories we use are chosen for their high-quality, precision and reliability.

The Oakwood Dental Practice has earnt a great reputation for its service, in providing good quality dental care for patients and their families.

It is our practice philosophy to promote preventative dental health at all times.

Our mission:
  • To dedicate the skills, energies and resources we have to provide all patients with individual and sensitive care.
  • To maintain a reputation for excellence by providing quality dental care and cosmetics in a safe, accessible and informal environment.
  • Trust is the foundation of this practice; we are independent, impartial and honest appreciating the diversity of all our patients.
  • To maintain a standard of professionalism and teamwork and to continually strive to improve our service for you.
Continued Professional Development
  • All dentists regularly attend post-graduate courses to maintain the most up to date knowledge to enhance quality assurance and implement the modern concepts of treatment.
  • All nurses and reception staff attend refresher courses and meeting to acquire new skills and gain up to date knowledge.

It is our policy to follow the latest British Dental Association Guidelines for the prevention of cross-infection. This ensures all dental procedures are achieved under strict sterile and safe conditions.

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